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How to Improve Air Quality in Your Home

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“Health is wealth,” as they say. That’s why we should always strive to maintain it in every way we can. One of the areas of our lives related to health matters is our home living conditions. We shouldn’t take that aspect for granted. That’s why, for this guide, we’ll be focused on improving air quality in homes.

Indoor Air Pollution

Air pollution is a serious risk to our health. Even if we’re tempted to take it for granted, we have to consider the safety of our loved ones (those we live with). External and internal pollutants need to be tackled in view of keeping indoor air clean. This is why the HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) system would be discussed in this guide.

HVAC systems have to be cleaned, repaired, and maintained regularly. How else are we going to ensure that indoor air pollution is reduced to the barest minimum? Of course, we have to play our parts by proactively eliminating allergens or other harmful materials that can negatively affect the quality of air.

Air Pollutants that We Should Keep in Mind

It’s important to know the pollutants and learn to recognize them. They can be brought in by your children, visitors, pets, and so on. Even pests aren’t left out. Some of them are brought in by natural gas. Others get formed in the areas of the house that are usually wet like the bathroom, kitchen, etc. Of course, building materials produce allergens and toxic materials too. See some of these air pollutants below.

  • Carbon monoxide
  • Lead particles
  • Asbestos particles
  • Mold
  • Mildew

Now for those easy tips we talked about earlier…

Check the Air Ducts

Hot and cold air are distributed within your home with the aid of air ducts. Pollution can happen when there is a problem with the installation of the air ducts. Even poor maintenance can turn them into channels for pollutants like dust, mold, etc. What do you do to stop such undesirable materials from getting into your home this way? Get an HVAC expert to perform regular maintenance checks.

Change the AC Filter

Of course, you should know that filters need to be changed regularly. They’re called filters for a reason: They prevent particles from entering your home. Once they are clogged up, it’s going to be risky for your health from then on unless they’re changed. This situation also adversely affects the AC system. Filters in other household appliances shouldn’t be left out. For example: kitchen vents, vacuum cleaners, clothes dryers, etc.

Apart from performing regular maintenance checks on your HVAC system, you can take proactive preventive measures such as the following:

  • Keeping indoor plants for natural filtration.
  • Cleaning your furniture.
  • Using cooking vents in the kitchen to let the gases and other pollutants out.
  • Getting dehumidifiers to keep the indoor humidity level low.

Final words…

The importance of clean air cannot be overstressed. Open the windows occasionally in the winter to allow fresh air to enter your home. Ensure that you call an expert for regular HVAC maintenance checks. Most importantly, ensure that the system is cleaned during each session.…

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