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Small Space Do’s and Don’ts

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You should be proud of your home no matter how small it is. It’s yours to live in, and you can make the setting better if you want to. In adding more life and improving the view, you need affordable ideas. This guide is focused on giving tips that don’t require much spending. With proaction in mind, read on.


Do 1: Take Note of the Features of Your Space

Doing this will enable you to discover areas that need your attention as regards room arrangement. Awkward spaces should be noted, so that something can be done about them quickly. Make a checklist for easy planning. Prepare a reasonable budget and start implementing it.

Do 2: Arrange the Furniture Properly

A bad furniture arrangement can take more space than necessary in a room. You can decide to do away with large pieces of furniture if they’re proving to be a hassle when it comes to managing space. Sell any piece that’s too large and get a smaller one—preferably multifunctional or multipurpose types.

Do 3: Declutter Regularly

Ensure that the room is always neat by keeping items at/in their appropriate spots/places. Get rid of unnecessary objects in any way you can—by throwing them into the trash can or putting them up for sale.


Don’t 1: Keep Most of the Furniture Away from the Walls

Make rooms cozier by placing some furniture at the centers or away from the walls. This gives a room more depth, and enhances the view. More wall spaces will be created as more items are moved to other spots. Some items can be taken away from the room permanently, and kept in storage or tossed.

Don’t 2: Overdressing Your Window

Simplicity is key for small spaces. Take this room arrangement principle seriously. Drapery should be used moderately when decorating the windows. After all, it’s a small space. It would be wise not to go overboard creatively.

Don’t 3: Avoiding a Close-to-Window Bed Position

It’s not a bad idea to position beds very close to windows. If you didn’t know this before, now you do. Don’t shy away from such an experience because it can prove to be beneficial in terms of lighting, ventilation, improving the view, and so on.

The dos and don’ts discussed above would go a long way in getting you a better living space experience. The most important among the dos on the list is to declutter regularly. If you can do so, then it would be easier to arrange your home and keep everything in order.

Waste no time in effecting the necessary changes that you can afford to make. Do your research on more small space dos and don’ts, and start practicing what you learnt ASAP.…

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