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How To Renovate a Bathroom in a Rental Property

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bathroom renovation

A bathroom is one of the essential personal spaces of a house where the tenants may spend a considerable amount of time.  Providing a well-equipped, clean and spacious bathroom will enhance the living experience for your tenants. A fresh and modern bathroom will not only increase the overall value of your rental property. But it will also make sure that it doesn’t remain void in the market.

The most important factors that increase the value of your rental property is upgrading the old items, installing new fittings, and adding more space with sufficient storage. Though you may think that renovating a part of a rental property will cost you a fortune, with proper planning and simple steps, it is easily possible. So, here are some easy steps on how to renovate a bathroom in a rental property.

Plan In Advance And Set The Estimated Budget

Whether you’re just getting the faucets changes or remodeling the entire bathroom, you will need a budget. Deciding on your budget will help you in the decision-making process and ensure that you don’t overspend.

Research And Gather Ideas

After planning your budget, start your research and look for ideas that align with your requirements and the budget. You can find inspiration in design and lifestyle magazines, online blogs, or even from the houses of your friends and relatives.

Renew The Flooring 

One of the most crucial elements of your bathroom is the floor. It directly affects the overall look of the place. Replacing old-fashioned and outdated tiles with new ones will completely transform the look of your bathroom. If getting new tiles costs too much, you can install vinyl flooring above the old tiles. It will save you both time and money.

Update The Mirror 

Using a plain mirror will make your bathroom look very pale and dull. Upgrade your mirror with a beautiful frame to add a spark. You can easily make a frame at home by taking the measurements of your mirror and cutting the wood at 45 degrees angles. You can then paint it according to your color choice or according to the aesthetic of the bathroom. 

Replace The Shelves

Old cabinets and vanity take away the appearance of your bathroom. You can easily replace the old vanity with new ones that not only optimize the space but also provide a fresh and modern look to your bathroom. Make sure that you buy new vanity while being aware of the dimensions and available space.

Paint The Walls 

You can make your bathroom look cleaner and bigger by painting the walls with white or neutral colors. Since most bathrooms have limited paintable wall space, getting a new color for the walls will not cost you much. The bright walls will reflect light and make the bathroom look more spacious.

The type of renovations and the availability of more than one bathroom may decide if you can renovate a bathroom without dislocating the tenants. If it’s not occupied, then renovating could be a good investment. By enhancing the look of the bathroom, you can increase incoming rent by a considerable margin.…

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