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Signs It’s Time to Repair your Staircase

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Homeowners at times take staircases for granted. Although staircases are mostly designed to last, it does not guarantee that they will be fine in all circumstances. The materials and fittings used in making the staircases are strong and durable but also need maintenance. With the up and down movement of people over the staircases, you will notice some wear and tear over time. A small problem with the stairs can pose more danger if not timely sorted and in a timely manner. How would you know that your stairs need repair? Here are signs to help you know that you need to repair your stairs.

Creaking stairs.

This is one of the easiest signal to detect. You may start hearing some squeaky sounds after some time of using a wooden stair. This sound can be irritating especially at night when the household are asleep. A creaky stair is mostly due to a gap in the stair riser and the tread. You can fix it using a carpenter’s glue or contact a professional to avoid making mistakes.

Cracked treads and risers

If your notice that your risers and treads are cracked, you should take it as a matter of urgency and fix it as fast as possible. Treads mostly crack due to the lack of support or change in humidity. You therefore need to have your stair repaired on time depending on the extent of the damage.

Loose or detached handrails

A handrail is meant to hold you in case of a fall. It therefore becomes a security threat when the handrail is not well connected to the wall. Delaying to repair the rails may not only lead to staircase falls and injuries, but also insurance claims against you. However, you can simply fix this problem by replacing and tightening up the screws that attach the handrail to the wall.

Water damage

As much water may be an useful resource in many ways, it can also cause you more harm in some instances. Water can cause damage to your stairs without you noticing. You can notice it at its late stages as the wood starts warping. Such damages start from the basement where we least visit. You should replace the affected part and always ensure the staircase stays dry.

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